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According to the (NTSB) National Transportation Safety Board, wrong-way crashes are 12 times more likely than other types of accidents to cause severe injuries or fatalities. In addition, head-on collisions contributing to 18 percent of all deadly traffic accidents are often the result of wrong-way driving and not simply improper passing maneuvers. Every year, hundreds of people die in wrong-way accidents. Thousands more are severely injured. In many cases, the fault for the collision is placed on the driver going the wrong way. This article will discuss some aspects of these kinds of accidents and how dangerous they can be.

A Variety of Factors Cause Wrong-Way Accidents

Most of the time, when a wrong-way driver crashes, they are held accountable. These accidents typically result from:

  • Drunk driving (accounting for nearly 60 percent of all wrong-way crashes)
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Unlicensed drivers

If a person is injured in an automobile accident due to someone else’s negligence, the wrong-way driver is held responsible.

Preventing Wrong-Way Accidents

Wrong-way collisions can be prevented in part by the creation of new technologies. When a motorist crosses the center line, enters oncoming traffic, or drives in the wrong direction and collides with other vehicles, this is known as a wrong-way accident. In wrong-way driving cases, the increased force of both cars and the high speed contribute to severe and life-threatening injuries. The development of technology may assist in preventing these events from happening.

Technology Prevents Crashes Caused by Driving in the Wrong Direction

Technology has significantly advanced in recent years, particularly concerning vehicle safety. In-vehicle communication systems are being created to allow drivers to communicate with other vehicles on the road.

What are the Benefits of Car-to-Car Communications Systems?

Car-to-car communication systems let drivers alert one another about potential dangers, such as misguided motorists who are driving the wrong way or have mistakenly entered the wrong side of the road. This technology can aid drivers in warning local authorities if they encounter a driver going the wrong way. Car-to-car communication systems are presently being tested. The (NHTSA) is currently working on rules for these technologies, and it will most likely make them compulsory for all new cars and trucks. These communication technologies have been in the works for over a decade, and it is expected that they will be able to prevent almost 80 percent of all vehicle accidents.

The Duty of All Drivers

The rate of wrong-way collisions may be reduced by technology. However, all drivers are responsible for avoiding mishaps. Drivers should take no unnecessary chances that might result in wrong-way collisions. Human error can always lead to a collision, regardless of how advanced vehicle safety technology is. If a motorist causes an accident through poor judgment, the person who has been injured may be able to seek compensation.

We can help if you’ve been injured because of another driver going in the wrong direction on the road.

Wrong-way driving in Rochester & Roseville, Minnesota, is a severe crime, and around half of these collisions result in death or debilitating injuries. Every day, we read about automobile accidents in our State. Some of these stories may be little news to others, but they are terrible circumstances that can result in serious injuries, property damage, and even the loss of a loved one for those involved. Wrong-way drivers crashing into oncoming traffic is one of the more severe crashes in the State.

Who Is More Likely to Cause a Wrong-Way Crash?

There are four main categories of wrong-way drivers:

  • Elderly drivers who are often easily confused
  • Drunk or intoxicated drivers
  • Drivers purposely go the wrong way to avoid traffic or a similar situation.
  • Drivers distracted or not paying attention may mistake an off-ramp for an on-ramp.

According to statistics, many drivers are under the influence when they cause a mistake-of-way accident. Of all deadly collisions in the USA, 18% are head-on crashes. Also, wrong-way accidents have a 12 times higher chance of death. If you or somebody has been involved in such an accident, they should contact Patterson Dahlberg injury lawyers as soon as possible for help and guidance.

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