Workers Compensation

What an Injured Employee Must Know:

1. Miscalculation of Benefits

Insurers often miscalculate an Employee’s average weekly wage. Even a slight miscalculation of an Employee’s average weekly wage can result in a significant underpayment of benefits. There are often special considerations the Insurer ignores such as seasonal effects on an Employee’s earnings, or overtime earnings. Construction workers have a special formula for calculating their average weekly wage.

2. Factors That May Affect Your Right To Benefits

  • The insurer schedules you for an independent medical evaluation;
  • You have been advised that you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement;
  • You are released without any restrictions by your doctor.

3. You Have The Right To

  • Challenge a denial of your claim;
  • Select your own healthcare provider;
  • Choose your own qualified rehabilitation consultant to assist you;
  • Second opinion relative to your medical condition;
  • Confirm the Insurer’s average weekly wage calculation;
  • Challenge an independent medical evaluation report;
  • Help finding a new job;
  • Help obtaining a permanent partial disability rating;
  • Receive workers’ compensation benefits and Social
  • Security Disability benefits simultaneously.

4. Save Everything

Documentation of any information received from your healthcare provider, your Employer, and the workers’ compensation Insurer can be very helpful.

What We Can Help With

  • Work Place Injuries
  • Wage & Job Loss Due to Injury
  • Unpaid Medical Bills
  • Aggravations of Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Retraining Claims
  • Denied or Accepted Injury Claims