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When most people think about dog bite incidents, they envision the cliche of an unsuspecting mailman being bitten by a furious dog while delivering mail, which we’ve seen played out in cartoons or movies. Dogs biting mail carriers are actual since they are frequently the victims due to their profession. The United States Postal Service reports that mail carriers are bitten so often that millions of dollars are paid out annually in Workers’ Compensation claims.

A total of 5,800 attacks were recorded in a single year, which is the lowest number USPS has seen in recent years. The USPS and other mail carriers are the third most frequent victims of dog bite assaults, and attacks on these organizations have decreased in recent years.

Due to a surge in internet purchases and the USPS’ partnership with Amazon to deliver more shipments at all hours of the day, technology has helped significantly reduce these figures. The USPS has implemented security precautions, including mobile delivery devices and hand-held scanners that may verify the delivery of mail or a parcel directly to the client to safeguard their mail carriers. While these hand-held scanners can help USPS mail carriers avoid potential danger when delivering mail, they are not a guarantee of safety. Mail carriers may still contact aggressive dogs while on their routes.

Personal Injury Case Against the Dog’s Owner

Although filing a claim absolves your employer of liability, you can still take other legal action to recover compensation for your dog bites. You can file a personal injury lawsuit in Minnesota even if your employer has approved your claim because the state is friendly to dog bite victims.

Why would you want to go after the dog’s owner if you already receive money from your job? It’s easy–you should be fully paid for the time you lost at work and any pain and suffering associated with being bitten.

Dog attacks often result in not just physical scars but mental ones as well. Unfortunately, your employer’s insurance might not cover these counseling needs.

In addition, you will only receive two-thirds of your salary for the duration of your time off work. Worse, if you don’t miss at least 14 days of work, you won’t be compensated for your first seven days off. Losing a week’s pay might be a significant financial burden for some people. Maintaining one’s head above water is also challenging when one-third of one’s income is taken away. You may include these missing earnings into your injury case if you take legal action against someone else.

Why Are Dog Attacks a Consistent Risk for Couriers?

Anyone who works for USPS, DHL, FedEx, or UPS understands that aggressive dogs should be avoided at all costs. Many of this delivery personnel also know that a sweet dog can change quickly into a savage aggressor. The issue is that many of these animals are highly territorial and consider the courier an adversary. With so many dogs on each shift, it’s no surprise that many delivery workers are bitten yearly.

Contact a knowledgeable dog bite lawyer immediately if your pet has been bitten. Remember that you have the legal right to file a claim at work and pursue legal action against the dog’s owner.

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