Underpayment of Benefits Identified

Mr. Patterson represented an injured worker who had sustained a wrist injury. The injured worker had already been paid for 104 weeks of wage loss benefits. Upon meeting with the injured worker, Mr. Patterson quickly identified that the workers' compensation insurer had miscalculated the average weekly wage, and had underpaid the injured worker approximately $215.00 per week. Over the 104 weeks of benefits paid, this resulted in a total underpayment of approximately $22,360.00. Mr. Patterson secured payment of the $22.360.00 on behalf of his client. Additionally, this injured worker had been assigned a 7% permanent partial disability rating by his doctor. Mr. Patterson reviewed the rating and determined that it was incorrect. He then wrote a letter to the injured workers doctor and secured a higher permanent partial disability rating of 17%. This resulted in increased compensation to the injured worker of almost $10,000.00.