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We frequently hear from accident victims amid a U-turn when they were hit by another motorist and injured. Even though this sort of accident is typical, various circumstances might bring it about – and the same automobile will not necessarily be to blame. Determining who is at fault after a car accident can be very confusing. The insurance company will have its investigators look into the accident details to help determine who is responsible.

You could be entitled to money for your injuries even if we don’t mention your particular situation in this post. Contact a personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents before you speak with or accept any money from the other party or their insurance company.

The legality of the U-Turn

A driver who gets hit by another car while making an illegal U-turn is almost always held accountable for the crash. They weren’t obeying traffic laws that exist to help drivers sidestep accidents. The driver who collided with the U-turning vehicle might be able to seek out a personal injury case if they were not at fault.

U-turns are generally permissible on certain thoroughfares. In this instance, it is not determined by which driver was making the U-turn but rather by who had the right-of-way and whether either driver was distracted. If you were turning at a green arrow when another vehicle from the other direction T-boned your car, the individual driving that vehicle was negligent for failing to stop at their red light. If a driver hits you while you’re making a U-turn and turning right on red, then they have not yielded the right-of-way– especially if they turned out into the lane farthest from them.  It is illegal to do a u-turn if other traffic will be impaired by the maneuver.

The U-Turn’s Safety in the Rear

If a driver wants to make a U-turn, they not only have to check if it’s legal in that area, but they must also be aware traffic approaching from both directions.  Because a u-turn requires a very slow speed before and after the turn, the u-turner must avoid becoming a “sitting duck” and becoming a hazard. Suppose another driver hits them while making their turn. In that case, the initial driver may be at fault—especially if they executed a wide turn and had to back up before getting correctly situated in their lane again. When drivers make sudden stops like this, it often leads to accidents.

Right On Red Driver vs. U-Turn Driver

When a motorist at a red light decides to make a right turn on red without first giving way to another driver making a legal U-turn, this is known as improper yielding. Because the driver who is turning has a green light, they have the right-of-way. Anyone who wants to make a right turn on red must do so safely by ensuring there are no other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians on the road ahead of time.

After the Accident: Your Next Steps

In most cases, an accident that happens while making a legal U-turn is not the motorist’s fault. If you were hit by another vehicle while performing a U-turn, contact a Minnesota U-turn automobile accident lawyer before claiming responsibility for the crash or accepting compensation from insurance.

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