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Thanks for an amazing ride. I loved working with you guys and I’ve never seen a group of attorney’s work as feverishly as the three of you did on the behalf of their clients! At Patterson Dahlberg the clients always feel they come first!!!!


Almost 14 months ago I was at a loss.. I was on my way to job #2 and my life was turned up-side down. I was run off the road, hit in the passenger side of my mini vann & the force rolled me 3 times into the median. I don’t like talking about it to this day. By the grace of God, I walked to the abulance. A long night in the ER, clothes cut off, exams, MRI and having to be cleared as the thought I may have a compression fracture in my neck. I had bumps, bruises and embedded glass but I was alive. After notifying my insurance and then getting information from the other driver from the State Trooper, I thought all would be covered.. I was incorrect. I was given the run around to put it lightly. My insurance pawned me off to 3 adjusters in 4 weeks, I was told I would be responsible for MRI because diagnostics were not covered, my insurance paid out on my van (discussing & making deal with financier before I was notified) which was KBB and “fair market value” average, which didn’t pay off my vehicle I owned for just under one month, hadn’t received lost wages for either job..I thought of my family, did some research online & found my Team. I spoke with Suzi, came in and met with Paul and they heard me! I was listened to, and they heard my plight. Throughout the process everyone at Patterson Dahlberg were outstanding! From Grace who answered calls, Suzi for giving me one on one updates via phone & emails and Paul fighting for me.. He is my superhero without a cape. I have a few small scars, memories of the accident, I do not enjoy people being close to me on the road, however I am alive & able to provide for my children..and the Team at Patterson Dahlberg looked out for us! Paul is finalizing the settlement, beyond my expectations. No one ever “wants” to need a lawyer, but if I ever do again.. I will be back, a loyal customer for these professionals!
Thanks to Suzi & Paul! Not all superheros wear a cape!


Thank you all for the super graet job that you have done I didn’t have to do a thing or just a very little in the beginning and everyone was so helpful your receptionist and Ashley so very nice to talk to and for that I thank you again . I will recommend your law offic to veryone that needs it and talk highly about your ferm.


In winter of 2016, I was in a car accident. I was hit by a snow plow. I had just relocated to Minnesota and started a new job. Because of this I was ineligible for disability and I only had one week of PTO saved. My father recommended Patterson Dahlberg as he was familiar with them from his own car accident. I can’t imagine trying to recover from my car accident, take care of my four-year-old, and handle all of the paperwork and insurance requirements that were necessary. Patterson Dahlberg took care of everything for me. My point of contact was Ashley. She was amazing! When my settlement came through, it was much more than I imagined it was going to be. That money is very helpful to a single mom. I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they did for me. I highly recommend Patterson Dahlberg.


Jeremy and Paul handled my case for me and did a great job.. Also, Liz was very good at keeping my informed of what was going on!! Would recommend them to everyone!!!