Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys in Minnesota

Roundup is one of the most popular weed killers in the US. It has recently been designated as a probable human carcinogen. This is after it was discovered that most of the individuals who use Roundup weed killers expose them to a dangerous condition known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other forms of illness.

That said, the potential implications arising from using the Roundup weed killer expose users to the prospect of paying huge medical bills and losing wages. As a result, consumers across the United States are deciding to sue the manufacturer- Monsanto(currently Bayer).

Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Many lawsuits have been filed in courts nationwide due to the close link between Roundup and a form of cancer known as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The genesis of thousands of lawsuits against “Monsanto” began in 2018 when a California jury ruled in favor of Dewayne Johnson. In this case, the plaintiff argued that he developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup while working. Thus, alleging that there was a close link between the illness and the product.

The jury found Bayer/Mankato liable and ordered the company to pay $289 million in damages. Although this amount was reduced to $20.5 million on appeal, it set a precedent and established Bayer/Mankato as being liable.

Other lawsuits followed, including a 2019 lawsuit in May where a California jury ordered Bayer/Monsanto to pay a couple of $55 million in compensatory damages after both suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which developed after using Roundup for approximately thirty years.

In the same year, a jury awarded $80 million to a plaintiff as compensation after developing the same illness after using Roundup.

Who is eligible to file a Roundup Lawsuit in Minnesota?

The simple answer is anyone experiencing Roundup-related health problems. This is because such lawsuits are classified under product liability and are initiated due to a defective product.

For a personal injury lawsuit against Bayer/Monsanto to succeed, you need to prove that you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In the same vein, you must prove that the condition developed after using Roundup. In simple terms, you need to demonstrate that the product caused measurable harm.

In addition, in order to sustain a Roundup lawsuit and obtain damages, you need to ensure you go for a proper diagnosis of Roundup-related health problems. Essentially, this helps you protect your legal right to obtain economic and non-economic damages.

What is the time limit for filing a  Roundup lawsuit in Minnesota?

A Roundup lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, the time limit for filing a Roundup lawsuit in Minnesota is governed by the statute of limitations. Put briefly, the statute of limitations provides that most personal injury lawsuits are to be filed within two years after the incident.

However, product liability lawsuits like Roundup are different from other personal injury cases. Unlike in other cases where the “clock” starts ticking as soon as the injury is known, in a Roundup case involving a defective product, there is what is known as the “latency” period.

This simply means that there is a gap between exposure to a harmful product and the development of the health problem. Thus, under the discovery rule, the “clock” starts ticking when the plaintiff discovers that the Roundup harmed them.

Discovering the exact date may be problematic. Therefore, it is imperative to consult an attorney as soon as possible.

How does the Court Determine that you’ve Used Roundup?

The most important way to prove that you’ve used Roundup is through documentation. In other words, providing relevant documents such as receipts proving that you purchased the product or any other financial records may provide sufficient proof that you’ve used Roundup.

In addition, medical records indicating that you’ve been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or any other form of cancer may also help prove that you’ve used Roundup and build a robust claim.

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If you or your loved one is suffering from health complications arising as a result of using Roundup, you need to take quick steps to safeguard your right to receive compensation. Contacting a competent and qualified attorney is the first step to safeguarding your rights.

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