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Attorneys For Workplace Accidents In Minnesota

Are you in need of workplace injury attorneys in Rochester, MN? Injuries in the workplace can be devastating because they can put a person out of work for quite some time. When these accidents occur, there are options to be considered. It is very important for a worker to be educated on those options so they know what route to take. For instance, they may have the choice to move on with workers’ compensation or to file a personal injury claim. The Rochester personal injury attorney will advise on both possibilities since a worker cannot opt for both; it is one or the other.

If you have been injured on the job, you can file workers’ compensation or hold the employer or other party legally liable through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney will review the options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

Straightforward Legal Guidance

When it comes to workers’ comp compared to a personal injury suit, it comes down to which is going to help you the most. Work comp will most likely be awarded sooner than money in a lawsuit. Workers’ comp is designed to provide a person with the wage replacement they need to pay their bills and it provides for medical care and vocational rehabilitation when applicable.

If workers’ compensation is the best route to take due to the nature of your case, then your attorney will advise you of such. If the circumstances are right and you prefer to move forward with a personal injury case, then you can.

The types of workplace injury cases that we advise you on include:

  • Third party liability
  • Construction injuries
  • Slip and fall
  • Automobile crashes
  • Product liability
  • Burns and explosions
  • Hearing loss from explosions
  • Third party liability claims
  • Heavy equipment injuries

There are many accident types that can occur while on the job. Patterson Dahlberg Injury Attorneys have the experience that injured workers require to move in the right direction and receive the proper compensation.

Guiding You Through The Legal Process

Whether you need assistance with your workers’ comp claim or you need to file a personal injury lawsuit against someone responsible for the injury, there is a Rochester injury attorney there to help you. There are many ways to receive compensation. For instance, an employee hurt by a faulty product can hold the manufacturer of that product liable. An employee that is injured due to unsafe conditions on a piece of property can hold the property owner liable. If the employee is injured by a third party while at work, then that third party can be held liable.

Contact A Rochester Workplace Injury Attorney

Injuries occur at work for a number of reasons, such as safety violations or personal error. When the accident is the result of a third party or the employer, there are options available. If you have been injured at work, it is best to review those options so you can move in the right direction. To find out how Patterson Dahlberg workplace injury attorneys can help you, call 507-424-3000 for a free consultation.