What is available to injured claimants?

Insurance will be available from your own auto policy or the policy of the vehicle in which you were riding provides benefits for:

  • Medical Expenses ($20,000 limit)
  • Wage Loss ($250/wk. max.)
  • Replacement Services
  • Primary Homemaker Benefits

Most people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents in Minnesota are covered by no fault benefits. Your no fault benefits typically come from the insurance you have on your own vehicle. If you do not have insurance, the coverage may come from the vehicle in which you were riding.

Most people who are hurt in a car crash will be covered by some form of no fault coverage unless they own but fail to insure their own motor vehicle. Those who are injured in motorcycle accidents often will not have no fault coverage, as this is an elective coverage for motorcycle insurance. The typical policy is $20,000 of medical expense benefits and $20,000 of economic loss benefits. Some policies can be higher and every Minnesotan has the opportunity to elect to stack their benefits if they have more than one vehicle which is insured for no fault.

Wrongful Death: No Fault Benefits

What is available to the next of kin?

Insurance will be available from your own auto policy or the policy of the vehicle in which the decedent was riding which typically provides the following benefits:

  • Funeral Expenses ($2,000 limit)
  • Medical Expenses ($20,000 limit)
  • Wage Loss ($250/wk. max.)
  • Replacement Services

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