Passengers in Car Accidents In Minnesota

Minnesota law is unique in how it applies to passengers in car accidents. The no-fault law requires car crash victims to use their own automobile insurance to cover certain damages.

Even with no-fault insurance, however, there are still ways to ensure car crash passengers receive the compensation they deserve.

The experienced attorneys at Patterson Dahlberg, Personal Injury Lawyers, can help you navigate the complicated no-fault insurance system to ensure you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

Minnesota No-Fault Law

Minnesota operates under no-fault law, which requires that anyone who has automobile insurance use their insurance to cover medical bills and lost wages, even if they were not driving a vehicle at the time of the car accident. Even if your vehicle was not involved in the accident, if you have automobile insurance, in most cases your insurance must be used for medical bills and lost wages.

If you are a passenger in an automobile accident and you did not own a vehicle when the accident occurred, your insurance will be covered by a family member who lives with you and who owns a vehicle that is insured. If you do not live with anyone who owns an insured vehicle, then your claim will be covered by the vehicle you were in when the accident occurred.

Minnesota has an Assigned Risk Plan, which can provide insurance coverage for people who have no automobile insurance and who were in a vehicle that was not insured at the time of the accident.

Additional Compensation for Car Crash Victims

No-fault coverage does not compensate you for all your medical bills or wages, nor does it cover you for pain and suffering in the case of a car wreck. In cases where there is compensation required beyond what is covered by no-fault requirements, the owner and driver of the car may be responsible. This can include future lost wages, future medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Car Accident Injuries to Family Members

If the responsible party was a family member — such as your mother, father, spouse, or other relatives — their vehicle insurance will cover your expenses above and beyond the no-fault coverage. They are responsible even if you live in the same house as them when the crash occurs.

In Minnesota, a family member may make a claim for negligence against the driver or owner of a motor vehicle who happens to be a family member. This is true even of spouses and immediate family members. Restrictions contained within auto insurance policies that restrict the ability of family members to make claims against one another are generally not enforced in Minnesota.

Car Accident Attorney

An experienced car accident lawyer can explain the best ways to bring a claim for compensation, whether that’s through a car accident lawsuit or filing an insurance claim. We can help determine which type of insurance you qualify for and the best means to ensure you are properly compensated for your car accident injuries.

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