Passenger killed in road rage accident.

Location :: Hastings

A night out with friends ended in tragedy for the family of sixteen year old Sue. A truck entering the freeway thought he had been cut off and decided to return the favor. As the drivers jockeyed for position, Sue begged the driver to stop. The truck slammed into the car Sue was riding in, causing it to flip on the highway. Sue survived the car rolling over, but seconds later they were hit by another car and Sue was killed instantly. Accident reconstruction and witness testimony was critical in proving how this tragedy unfolded. Sue's family was devastated. Sue's father had left years earlier, and the family relied on the strength and leadership of Sue, who was the oldest of five children. Sue's case was submitted to Arbitration. After hearing from all the people involved, the Arbitrator awarded Sue's family the insurance proceeds and the resolution was approved by a District Court Judge.