Minnesota Workers’ Compensation for Amputation Injury

Workplace injuries can be debilitating, and amputation isn’t different at all. With an amputation, your work, lifestyle, and productivity may be affected negatively. Put briefly, your work and any future job opportunities may not come to pass due to the amputation.

That said, amputation is recognized as a severe injury among workers. Therefore, the amount of compensation for amputated workers is huge as compared to other types of injuries. However, to obtain the amount of settlement or compensation you deserve, you need a qualified attorney to help you navigate the claim process.

Here are some of the facts you need to know about Minnesota’s workers’ compensation benefits for amputation and how an attorney can help you.

Work-Related Amputation: The Statistics

Minnesota’s department of health has reported an increase in the number of amputations reported by employers. The report suggests that in 2014, there were approximately 85 worker’s compensation claims for amputations. This indicates a rate of 3.2 claims per 100,000 workers in the same year.

Currently, the number of compensation claims for amputations sits at approximately 120 claims per year. This indicates a worrying situation for most workers.

What is Permanent Partial Disability in Minnesota?

Put simply, permanent partial disability is a type of benefit which covers workers in Minnesota after an amputation. It is the most significant benefit and is distinct from workers’ compensation, which generally covers medical bills and lost wages.

As such, following an amputation, workers are required to file for permanent partial disability benefits.

Understanding Amputation in Minnesota

It is imperative to note that not all injuries are considered amputations. Therefore, not all injuries will qualify for the amputation benefits.

That said, workers who are amputated and eligible for compensation for this type of injury benefit through permanent partial disability. However, for eligibility, a doctor needs to attest that the worker lost 50 percent or more of a limb or a finger. In other cases, such as an amputated hand, you can still be eligible for permanent disability benefits -although it is less than 50 percent of the arm. This is because you are considered to have lost an entire hand, and this injury can affect your work and life.

Will your Employer Fire You Over an Amputation?

It would be a violation of your rights for your employer to fire you over an amputation. Normally, employers are required to give you a less strenuous job or a job in another department if your amputation prevents you from returning to your job.

However, it is imperative to note that your employer can let you go if there is no longer another position available in the workplace.

Should you hire an attorney?

If you have suffered an amputation due to a work-related injury, you may have a hard time obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. In addition, your workers’ compensation insurance companies may question your eligibility for the permanent partial disability benefits. Therefore, it is vital to have a workers’ compensation attorney by your side to protect your interests.

Put simply, a workers’ compensation attorney will:

  • Gather all the relevant documents
  • Collect evidence
  • Determine your eligibility for permanent partial disability
  • Represent you in settlement disputes with the insurance companies.

Contact Patterson Dahlberg Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Navigating the claim process is a daunting task. Most workers who choose to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits independently often get an amount they don’t deserve. As such, it would be best to have a workers’ compensation attorney who can protect your interest throughout the claim process.

The attorneys at Patterson Dahlberg can help you maximize the amount of compensation you deserve. We have years of experience handling worker’s compensation in Minnesota and can advise you on how to avoid common missteps in the claim process.

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