Horrific Explosion at McNeilus plant in Dodge Center, MN.

Injured Workers File Lawsuit: Swagelok Hose Failure Causes Horrific Explosion at McNeilus plant in Dodge Center, MN.

November 28, 2017

Dodge Center, Minnesota– Lawyers representing injured workers announced today that they have filed lawsuits against a hose manufacturer, Swagelok Company, for injuries suffered by Eemou See, Anthony Putratz, Claudia Arevalo Linares, Jose Rodriguez, and Armando Vargas. The McNeilus employees were injured in the January 11, 2017, explosion at a McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, in Dodge Center, Minnesota.

On January 11, 2017, the five injured plaintiffs suffered severe, permanent injuries as the result of an explosion at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc, in Dodge Center, Minnesota. The explosion was allegedly caused by a failure in a Swagelok manufactured hose connected to the truck’s compressed natural gas (CNG) system. This failure allowed compressed natural gas to be released into the plant, and this gas ultimately exploded, causing serious injuries to the plaintiffs.

Among the injuries suffered by the various plaintiffs were horrific burns to the face, neck, torso, arms, and fingers, respiratory failure, renal failure, amputation, smoke inhalation, concussion, and PTSD. See and Putratz suffered burns over roughly half of their bodies, required multiple surgeries and hospitalization, and caused permanent disfigurement and emotional trauma.

The plaintiffs allege that the devastating explosion was caused by a defective hose assembly in the truck’s compressed natural gas system. Among the claims against Swagelok are that the company negligently designed, manufactured, tested, and inspected the hose assembly, allowing the hose to separate from its fitting, releasing natural gas and causing the explosion.

Swagelok is headquartered in Ohio and has annual revenue in excess of $2 billion. It assembles, markets, distributes, and/or sells hoses and fittings used across the United States. McNeilus manufactures CNG powered refuse trucks and cement trucks.

The lawsuits have been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. The plaintiffs are represented by attorney Paul Dahlberg of Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers in Rochester, MN and Fred Pritzker of Pritzker Hageman in Minneapolis, MN.

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Paul Dahlberg
Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers
Representing: Anthony Putratz (Court File # 17-cv-5243), Claudia Arevalo Linares (17-cv-5248), Jose Rodriguez (17-cv-5247) and Armando Vargas (17-cv-5249).

Fred Pritzker
Pritzker Hageman, PA
Representing: Eemou See