How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester, MN

Do you need a personal injury attorney in Rochester, MN after a serious accident? You don’t just want any attorney. Rather, you want to choose an attorney who is a good fit for you: one who will supply you with vital information about the claims process and support you along the way. If you’re struggling to decide how to choose a personal injury attorney, start with some of these key tips.

Starting Your Search

When you first start your search, you may be overwhelmed by all the options out there. A simple Google search will give you little more than a string of local personal injury attorneys, and many people simply don’t know anyone who has ever used a personal injury attorney to ask for a personal recommendation. Instead, turn to a site like Avvo, where you will get a list of lawyers local to you. You can also use the site to narrow down lawyers by their specialties: for example, one lawyer might specialize in criminal law, another family law. Those lawyers won’t have the tools or connections in their arsenal to help you handle a personal injury case effectively. Instead, look for an attorney who specializes in personal injury law to help you file and fight for your personal injury claim.

Narrow It Down

Once you’ve started with a list of personal injury attorneys in your area, it’s time to narrow down your list. Utilize some of these important strategies to narrow down your list and determine which attorney is right for you.

Check Reviews

Take a look, not just at the reviews on the attorney’s page, but at the reviews on their Google My Business listing and the attorney’s social media page. Make sure you’re a savvy consumer by:

  • Checking out the attorney’s average ranking. However, take this rating with a grain of salt: some great attorneys may have one-star reviews dragging them down.
  • Reading the lowest reviews on an attorney’s page. What made previous clients so unhappy that they chose to issue a one-star rating? In some cases, one-star ratings–especially ratings unaccompanied by a corresponding review–may come from disgruntled opponents who lost their case due to the attorney’s efforts, so make sure you understand the reason behind those reviews.
  • Reading a sprinkling of high and average reviews. Does the attorney provide the services clients seem to expect? Do you notice a common trend throughout the reviews? By carefully analyzing the reviews, you can get a good picture of what experience others have had with an attorney.

For today’s consumers, online reviews are more important than ever: 84% trust online reviews just as much as they would trust an in-person recommendation. By using those reviews to your advantage, you can substantially increase your odds of choosing a personal injury attorney that’s right for you.

Look at Past Results

Many attorneys list their past results right there on their website, where you can easily scroll through them and get a better picture of how the attorney has fared in court in the past. Most attorneys choose to list their best successes; however, those results can give you a better idea of how the attorney might fare in your case. Keep in mind, while you’re looking at results, that each claim is a little different: even results from a case very similar to yours cannot guarantee the damages you will receive for your injuries.

Examine the Website

Take a look at the websites of the attorneys you’re considering the most carefully. Those websites provide an incredible amount of information about the attorney. Read through the areas of personal injury law that the law firm specializes in. Some law firms, for example, may focus highly on product liability, while others work primarily with medical malpractice or nursing home abuse cases. While different areas of personal injury law can be very similar, they also have unique components that can impact how the attorney chooses to handle the case. As a result, you want to find an attorney who specializes in personal injuries like yours.

Next, take a look at the attorney’s profile. This is a great chance to get to know the attorney a little better. Consider what they prioritize. Is it caring, compassionate service and ensuring that you have information at every step of the process? Does the attorney prioritize seeking justice for their clients? As you get to know the attorney, you can see whether their goals line up with yours.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Many personal injury lawyers choose to offer a free consultation that will help them decide whether to take your case–and help you get to know them better. Use your free consultation to full advantage. Go in prepared with a list of questions that will help you choose the best attorney for your needs:

How often do you communicate with your clients? At times, during a personal injury case, things may drag on. Will you receive communications from your lawyer during this period, or should you expect to only hear from them if there is something to report?

Who will be handling my case? Often, a law firm has many people who consult on the cases. You want to know who will be working on your case, especially if you’ve selected the law firm just for a particular attorney.

How do you determine your fees? In some cases, a personal injury attorney may accept payment only if you win your case, usually based on a percentage of the damages you receive. In others, however, you may be expected to pay a certain amount even if you lose.

What methods do you allow for payment? This is particularly important if you may need to set up a payment arrangement that will allow you to pay back your bills over time.

What does your current case load look like? Does the attorney, in short, have enough time to devote to your case?

What do you think my case is worth? An experienced personal injury attorney should be able to give you a ballpark number for what your injuries should be worth. If you interview more than one attorney, be wary of an attorney who gives an answer that is significantly different from the others.

Can I speak to a past client? There’s nothing quite like speaking with a past client to get a better idea of exactly what you should expect during the process of working with a particular attorney.

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