FedEx Delivery Driver Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Though most dogs have lovely personalities, some breeds can be difficult to predict and may bite without any apparent warning. When this does occur, the injuries connected with dog bites are often severe enough to cause disfigurement.

A dog’s bite is more frightening and dangerous than any other creature because it causes the most severe types of injuries.

Due to their continual presence, while delivering mail, United States mail carriers are frequently the targets of dog bites. It’s difficult for any dog owner to believe their pet could bite an unsuspecting postal worker; nevertheless, it happens often. Dogs with aggressive temperaments and those with passive characters can behave aggressively toward mail carriers more than other jobs or individuals.

This is why dogs dislike the mail carrier, mainly because he has to drop off mail regularly; any dog will be on edge as they will perceive this as continual incursions into their space. The sound of the delivery truck driving up to the home may even cause a dog to bark uncontrollably.

Even though USPS and UPS collect dog bite data, FedEx does not do so, and it has no public policy on dog bites for its delivery personnel. Despite the lack of record-keeping, FedEx mail carriers have received significant compensation judgments in numerous states due to dog bites. To prevent a lawsuit and costly medical bills, dog owners should take care to keep their pets away from mail carriers or tie them up when outdoors.

Who is Responsible for a Dog Bite on a FedEx Mail Carrier?

Several options exist when a FedEx mail carrier is mauled or bitten by a dog. To cover their injuries and any financial losses from missed income, FedEx couriers have the option of filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. In a Workers’ Compensation claim, the injured individual does not have to demonstrate that the negligent party is at fault. Regardless of who is to blame, a workers’ compensation claim will compensate the injured employee. This differs from a personal injury lawsuit, in which negligence must be shown.

Minnesota Dog Bite Victims Shouldn’t Pay for a Pet Owner’s Carelessness

The dog bite injury lawyers Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers in Minnesota are committed to assisting victims of dog bite assaults. Because victims frequently lose their sense of security while dealing with the wounds and injuries they’ve received, emotional pain caused by an unprovoked mauling may be as awful as physical harm.

Contact us today; we will help you get closure for what happened and secure the compensation you need and deserve to cover your medical expenses (including rehabilitation), lost income, pain and suffering, and any future costs related to the attack.

After receiving initial medical treatment for your dog bite, you should immediately contact Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers. We will answer all your queries about what it takes to make a claim. Dog owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, are responsible for their pets’ actions. It’s not true that “every dog receives one free bite.” If a pet has injured you because of the owner’s negligence, you are entitled to be compensated fairly for what you’ve been through.

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