Expedia Road Rage Report: Aggressive Driving And Car Accidents

On May 18, 2016, Expedia released its annual Road Rage Report. The report underscores the problem of aggressive driving in its various forms. In the worst situations, hostile conduct may lead to road rage, physical confrontations and car accidents.

Survey Details

Every year, the online travel company commissions GfK, an independent market research firm, to conduct a survey that is the basis for the report. GfK surveyed 1,000 American motorists to solicit their opinions on the behavior of other motorists, including the types of conduct they find most aggravating. The interviews occurred online May 6-8.

To participate, a motorist had to be 18 years of age or older and in possession of a valid drivers license. The margin of error was +/ -3 percentage points. To enhance the accuracy of results, GfK conducted the survey using a probability-based approach that more accurately reflects the views of the general populace as a whole.

Most Aggravating Behaviors Ranked

For the third year in a row, the report identifies texting as the most bothersome driver behavior. According to the survey, the ten most aggravating forms of motorist conduct are:

  • Texting – 22 percent
  • Tailgating – 14 percent
  • Cutting in line – 13 percent
  • Remaining in the left lane – 11 percent
  • Driving too slow – 8 percent
  • Multi-tasking – 8 percent
  • Swerving – 8 percent
  • Speeding – 5 percent
  • Drifting – 5 percent
  • Honking – 3 percent

Conduct That Motorists Witness

According to the survey, 80 percent of drivers observe others weaving in and out of traffic. More than 70 percent of those interviewed have observed other dangerous behaviors like speeding, multi-tasking or getting cut off. Aggressive tailgating was cited by 68 percent of the motorists.

Conduct Directed at Those Surveyed

Drivers were asked about behaviors that they have been personally directed at them. Almost half of the respondents say other motorists have used obscene hand gestures, and more than one-third claim to have been cursed or yelled at. Interestingly, a full 13 percent claim to have been approached by a hostile driver that actually got out of his or her vehicle, while nine percent claim to have been in physical altercations with another driver.

Almost one in five say they’ve called law-enforcement to report the misconduct of others. Almost half, or 45 percent, claim to have been involved in, or almost involved in, an accident due to the inattentive driving of another motorist.

Conduct Motorists Admit To

When it comes to confessions of one’s own inappropriate conduct, 37 percent of those responding said they have multi-tasked while driving, while another 15 percent admitted to speeding. Finally, 13  percent say they resent having to share roadways with bicyclists. On the positive side, 42 percent of those interviewed say they’ve stopped to help a fellow motorist.

Courteous Minneapolis/St. Paul Motorists

The Expedia report also ranks major cities in terms of perceived levels of road rage. New York City ranked first, Los Angeles second and Chicago third. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the report cited Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis/St. Paul as the most courteous metropolitan areas.

When aggressive or other illegal forms of conduct lead to injury accidents, it is often possible to seek compensation, alleging that the negligent conduct of another motorist is to blame. In such civil litigation, victims often seek compensatory damages for medical expenses, pain, suffering and lost wages. In practice, the many such cases are settled without a trial.

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