Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer to Get Compensation After an Accident?

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When you suffer serious injuries in an accident, you have a lot of worries. How will you handle returning to work? Does the other party owe you compensation for your injuries? What if you can’t afford a lawyer? Do you really have to have a lawyer to seek compensation after an accident, anyway?

Do You Have to Have a Lawyer?

If you suffered serious injuries in an accident, you do not have to have a lawyer to get compensation. In fact, in many cases, your insurance company will help you negotiate for the compensation you deserve without the need for input from an attorney–especially when it comes to car accident cases. Hiring a lawyer, however, offers a number of key advantages when the time comes to file a claim for compensation after an accident.

An attorney will let you know exactly how much compensation you deserve. In many cases, the insurance company responsible for paying for your claim may try to limit the amount you receive. If you don’t have any idea what you really deserve for your injuries, you may not know that the offer is inadequate. As a result, you may accept a compensation offer that doesn’t really reflect the amount you should receive.

An attorney will help collect evidence on your behalf. If you suffered serious injuries in an accident, you may not have the physical ability to run around collecting evidence, reviewing witness statements, and constantly filling out fresh paperwork from the insurance company. When you work with an attorney, on the other hand, the law firm will take care of many of those tasks for you. Not only will this make your life easier as you try to focus on your recovery, having an attorney on your side can mean easier access to expert witnesses and others who can testify on your behalf.

The insurance company will often take you more seriously when you hire an attorney. In some cases, just having an attorney on your side will let the insurance company know that you’re serious about seeking the compensation you deserve. Many times, this will mean an immediate increase in the compensation the insurance company is willing to offer.

An attorney can help prevent you from making key mistakes in the legal process. Do you know how to avoid admitting any liability in a personal injury case? What about how to discuss your injuries with the insurance company? Do you have to make a statement to the other party’s insurance company at all? When you work with an attorney, you’ll have access to all of these answers at your fingertips, which can make it easier for you to avoid potential traps that could limit the compensation you receive.

Many personal injury victims, including victims of car accidents and premises liability accidents, find that having a lawyer reduces stress and ultimately raises the compensation they receive. In fact, some victims discover that by working with an attorney, they can increase their compensation by more than just the lawyers’ fees.

Affording an Attorney After an Accident

It doesn’t take long for bills to start piling up after a serious accident. You may find yourself with stacks of medical bills just as you’re prevented from working due to your injuries. For many accident victims, this makes hiring an attorney seem impossible. Here’s the good news: hiring an attorney may be more affordable than you think! Consider:

Many lawyers will start with a free consultation. You can go in, discuss your claim and your accident, and gain valuable legal advice about how to proceed. In many cases, a personal injury attorney may provide you with an estimate of how much their services will cost throughout the claims process, which can enable you to determine whether an attorney will fit within your budget. During this free consultation, the attorney may also provide you with information about what to expect throughout the claims process: do you really need an attorney to work with you? Are there elements of your claim you may not have considered? This free consultation alone can provide you with a great deal of valuable information–and help you better decide if you really need an attorney.

Some attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. If you have a valid personal injury claim, look for an attorney who will work on a contingent fee basis. Instead of asking for payment up front or as services are provided, these attorneys accept a percentage of the claim you receive. They don’t get paid until you receive the claim, which means you don’t have to stress about paying for the attorney while you are dealing with the legal battle.

Your attorney may be willing to work out a payment arrangement. Personal injury attorneys understand that their services are expensive. Many of them are dedicated to getting the coverage and compensation their clients deserve following a severe injury. As a result, they often accept payments over time or will work with you to make reasonable payment arrangements that you can afford.

The judge may award legal fees as part of your settlement. If you have to deal with a long, drawn-out legal process, especially one caused by an insurance company or other large entity, the judge may award legal fees as part of your settlement. Discuss with your lawyer during your consultation whether this is realistic for your scenario.

When you suffer severe injuries in an accident, the insurance company may offer you a settlement soon after your accident. If the insurance company is willing to pay for your medical costs and other expenses, do you really need an attorney? In many cases, accident victims discover that having an attorney on their side can substantially increase the compensation they receive as well as reducing their stress throughout the entire process. Do you need a personal injury attorney who will go to bat for you after an accident with serious injuries? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.