Bounce House Injury Lawyer in Rochester, Minnesota

It is common for parents to leave their children at bounce houses in Minnesota when running errands. They trust that their children’s well-being and safety are in great hands. After all, these franchisees advertise themselves as excellent places for kids to have fun.

However, numerous bounce house franchisees fail to follow strict design guidelines. Some even hire unqualified staff who could jeopardize the safety and well-being of your child. Therefore, these corporations need to be held liable should children suffer injuries at their bounce houses.

At Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers, we help parents in Minnesota get justice when their children sustain injuries at bounce houses. Our bounce house injury lawyers bring claims against bounce houses in Minnesota that fail to adhere to safety policies and procedures, such as:

  • Failure to carry out proper structure maintenance
  • Failure to stick to correct design plans
  • Lack of adequate supervision

Bounce House Injury Claims

Bounce house injury and accident claims can be rather complex. For starters, many factors can be deemed negligent when it comes to these dangerous recreational structures. Some of the parties that may be found liable include the following:

  • Manufacturers
  • Business owners
  • Distributors
  • Property owners
  • Installers
  • Operators
  • Equipment owners

Bounce House Lawsuit

Many bounce house accidents happen at birthday parties and other public events. Numerous families have sued manufacturers, event organizers, and bounce house franchises to get fair compensation. Therefore, there has been an increase in the amount of insurance claims dues to bounce house accidents.

Bounce house injuries can range from slight bruises to broken limbs and necks. Deaths have occur in a few cases where the child’s head gets struck on a hard surface. Medical bills associated with these accidents can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who is Liable When Bounce Houses are Flung by the Wind?

Precaution needs to be taken when installing a bounce house to ensure the wind does not fling it into the air. Therefore, even experienced commercial operators can be found liable in such an incident. The seller and manufacturer will also bear liability under the product liability theory. However, Property owners and event hosts may be liable for negligence when an at-home bounce house gets attacked by the wind.

What to Do After a Bounce House Accident

You must get the justice to deserve if you or your child is injured in a bounce house accident. Therefore, you need to take the following steps to strengthen your claim:

  • Write down the name and addresses of witnesses
  • Take numerous videos and photos
  • Mark the date and time of the incident
  • Seek medical attention
  • Contact a Minnesota personal injury attorney

What to Look for in a Bounce House Injury Lawyer

Finding a suitable bounce house injury attorney in Minnesota will help you get fair compensation for damages. Below is what you must consider when choosing the best lawyer to handle your case:


A local attorney understands the workings of the Minnesota law courts. Their reputation is also on the line which guarantees you excellent representation. Therefore, ensure you reach out to Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers to find a qualified local bounce house injury lawyer.


Ensure you find a skilled attorney that can offer you the best results. Doing this will help you get fair compensation for damages after the bounce house accident. Check out online reviews and testimonials before hiring a lawyer.


Getting fair compensation after a bounce house accident is not as easy as it seems. Insurance adjusters and lawyers tend to put up a huge fight to reduce the settlement amount. However, an experienced attorney will ensure you get adequate compensation,

Get Expert Help

You and your loved ones suffer financial and emotional hardship after a bounce house accident. Therefore, you need an attorney that specializes in bounce house injuries to get you the justice you deserve. At Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers, we will fight tooth and nail for your right to fair compensation. Ensure you contact us today so you can focus on what matters most – recovery.