Beach Drownings Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer

Roughly 25% of all drowning victims are children, and most often, these deaths occur on residential properties in home pools.

While individuals might recover from mild or moderate injuries caused by a boat accident, serious drownings have the potential to alter a person’s life vastly. Nonfatal drowning survivors face an elevated risk of severe long-term health problems. In contrast, fatal drowning injuries can potentially cause devastating emotional and financial repercussions for surviving loved ones.

Families of those who have tragically died by drowning may have the ability to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the proprietor of the land where it occurred if specific conditions are met.

The sad reality is that swimming pool drownings happen far too frequently, as was the case with a 12-year-old boy in Minnesota who drowned during gym class in 2015. His family eventually sued the school and won the case.

The Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve if your loved one drowns due to someone else’s negligence.

How Does Drowning Occur?

Drowning is the suffocation of a person when a liquid has covered their mouth and nose, cutting off their oxygen supply. Drowning frequently happens without warning, as few individuals can wave their hands or shout for aid.

However, individuals who die from drowning injuries after the initial accident might develop complications from the incident if their drowning-related health issues are not addressed. Following a rescue, symptoms that may appear include anxiety, wheezing, regurgitation, and loss of consciousness.

In some circumstances, people may succumb to drowning-related complications hours after the initial incident, with frequent side effects including hypothermia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, hypoxia, head and spinal cord damage, and regurgitation.

Common Beach Injuries

The following list contains different common ways beaches are destroyed.

  • An accident occurs when you water ski, boat, or operate any motorized underwater vehicle, resulting in injuries.
  • Drowning is a possible consequence of these types of surfing accidents.
  • The property owners of this beach house lacked adequate upkeep, resulting in broken glass or debris on the beach; it’s a consequence of bad management.
  • Accidents at the beach often happen because of poor maintenance of nearby structures, such as playground equipment.
  • Drownings
  • The company did not warn swimmers of the dangerous conditions, which included solid undercurrents and a significant drop in water depth.

The Hidden Hazards of Drowning and How to Prevent It

Although many individuals know the danger of drowning at the beach, most are unaware of other threats. Drowning is the primary cause of mortality on private and public beaches, water parks, jet skis, and other watercraft.

Slip and fall accidents and attacks by marine life are the third most common causes of beach deaths. A heart attack or stroke, which can be induced by overexertion during strenuous activities such as swimming or running to escape a riptide, is a third widespread cause of beach deaths. More than ten people perish each day from drowning, and many others are injured or suffer lifelong disabilities due to aquatic mishaps.

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