At Patterson Dahlberg, Personal Injury Lawyers, our team of lawyers and attorneys in Rochester, MN have the skill and experience you can depend on when you need legal representation. We will provide expert counsel to assure that your rights are protected.  Personal Injury is all that we do and we are experienced, dedicated, and personable with our clients.  Our experience means we have handled cases just like yours before, and know how to maximize your claims to protect your family.  We will fight for you and we deliver results.

Because it is important for you to understand your rights, our initial consultation for personal injury and workers compensation cases are completely free of charge. The need for legal counsel is often unexpected and stressful. We are committed to assuring that our clients will be provided with the best legal counsel possible.

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I simply can’t say enough wonderful comments about this law firm and their employees. I never felt like just a number or another case. They were truly compassionate, professional and caring. They took care of me like family. They fought hard for my case and went above and beyond! Even after a successful settlement, they negotiated even further for a larger dollar amount for me when they didn’t benefit themselves. They quickly responded to every question or concern I had. I would highly recommend them - they were phenomenal!
Julie J
Julie J
Was driving my on 4th Street and usually do service work over by the other one on 2nd Street
Curtis Behnken
Curtis Behnken
Great team to help you when you need it
Michael Hjalmervik
Michael Hjalmervik
Very good Attorneys, but very busy.
Todd Hullett
Todd Hullett
very helpful even if they dont take your case
Becky Deroy
Becky Deroy

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